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Hello!  This is the personal website of Father Puddleglum, a pseudonymous Roman Catholic Priest in good standing with the Catholic Church.

The name "Puddleglum" comes from the eponymous character from C.S. Lewis' The Silver Chair.  Puddleglum's personality is an amalgamation of pessimistic melancholy and stubborn fidelity guided by right reason.  Puddleglum clearly sees what is good and true even when they are obscured.  He is a character with whom I have resonated time and again.  I am certainly not an optimist although I would not go so far as to say that I am an outright pessimist.  In the words of Wilfrid Sheed, "I find absolutely no grounds for optimism, and I have every reason for hope."  Christ is the anchor of my hope, and it is through faith tempered by reason that I cling to Him.

This website serves primarily as a method of storing and organizing my homiletical works as well as other resources that have helped me grow in my relationship with Jesus.  It is my hope that this website will be of help to you.  Pray for me, that I might desire nothing but our Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation of souls.

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